Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Tools I Use for Making Gold

Today I thought that I would share some of the tools, more specifically add-ons, that I use to help me make gold in World of Warcraft.  Although the add-ons that I use maintain a lot of historic information based on scans, I do not solely rely on those scans.  The information gathered is a guide from which I can extract personal knowledge of game trends to make decisions from which I can make gold.  Listed below are the add-ons that I use

  • Altoholic - as described by the author, "Altoholic is an Ace 3 addon written for people who dedicate most of their time to leveling alts, and who want to have as much information as possible in one addon. The main feature of the addon is the search functionality which allows users to search their alts' bags or loot tables in an Auction-House-like frame (see screenshots). All this with multiple-realms/accounts support."  This add-on is great in quickly searching other toons for crafting materials and general information without having to log in an out between toons.  This is a time saver.
  • Auctioneer Suite - "From purchasing to posting, the Auctioneer Suite provides time-tested tools to allow you more time to actually play your characters or play the market. As you will soon discover, it is much more than a simple "Auctioning AddOn", the Auctioneer Suite also shows in-depth information for all game items, such as those used in quests or recipes, enchanting, milling, prospecting and more."  The scanning option saves a ton of time for you by looking at the values of everything posted on the Auction House.  This add-on has many additional features that allow you to look at an item away from the Auction House and that information can help you formulate decisions on what to do with that item.
  •  Auctionator - is designed for the casual everyday auction house user.  What I like most about Auctionator is the quick scanning capability and ease of posting auctions.
  • LilSparky's Workshop - "LilSparky's Workshop adds auction-derived pricing information for trade skills right into the trade skill recipe frame. Each skill is evaluated for material costs and potential value of the item created. These two numbers are listed next to each skill in an easy-to-read format."  I love this add-on because it takes scanned information to help me quickly decide what crafted items are worth my time to create and list on the auction house.
  • Skillet - this is a trade skill UI replacement add-on.  I like using this because it provides a larger move-able trade skill window.  This allows me to do other things, like searching bags/auction house while having it open.  Skillet allows me to see more recipes and has a great search function within trade skills than the standard UI.
  • Postal - is a mail box add-on that allows great flexibility in sending and receiving mail.  It also helps to gather mail faster than manual clicking on each item in the mail box.  This is for convenience and ease of collecting the many auctions that I post each week.
All of the add-ons help me do one thing: be more EFFICIENT with my time.  Like most people, I enjoy making gold in game to use as I would like.  I just do not want to spend too much time trying to make money, when there are more efficient ways to utilize my time.  This then allows me to more quickly move onto the more fun aspects of what I like to do in the game.

I recently heard the latest Call to Auction podcast, episode 26, in which Euripides and BigJimm discuss the TradeSkillMaster add-on.   Based on their recommendations, I may have to give this a try as it incorporates several features of the above list of current add-ons I use and additional features I may want to use.

Thanks for stopping by to peek in on my tools for gold making.

Time to cook some Chicken Cordon Blue for the family, yum...

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