Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raiding and your team...

I got to thinking about my current raiding team and the teams that I have had in the past.  I do have to say that I have had my share of good luck because I have always been a part of a very good raid team.  Most of my raiding experience has been within the 10 man raiding environment.  Generally the guilds I joined were small and stuck to progressing in 10 man raid teams.  Even the larger guilds I joined eventually decided to run several 10 man teams instead of coordinating 25 man raids.

I agree with some others in the community that putting together a 25 man raid team can be more difficult logistically, thus leading to a more epic feel when harder content is overcome.  I enjoyed that feeling of accomplishment as well through late BC and into early Wrath.  As the 10 man raiding environment grew in Wrath content, I too gained a great affinity towards this style of raiding.  One of the aspects of WoW that I enjoy the most is doing things with your friends.  I have made many friends and the smaller 10 man setting allows for a more intimate adventure with those friends.

There are pros and cons for both raiding environments in WoW; 10 man versus 25 man.  I am not going to enter the debate here, but rather mention something about the 10 man that I also enjoy.  In a 25 man raid, I feel like a small part of the team that can succeed with or without my efforts.  If I die early on a fight for some reason, it is still possible for the raid to successfully defeat the boss.  On a 10 man raid, I feel like a teammate that is going to be relied upon to perform well in order for us to defeat a boss.  I enjoy the challenge of being put to the test and feeling that I need to perform at my best for the team to win.

What do you like about your raiding team?  Do you prefer the 10 man or 25 man raiding environment?  Why?

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