About Breja

My main toon is Breja (breh-jah or bree-jah) located on the Duskwood - US server.

I have been playing WoW for the better part of 5 years now.  I began playing after a friend introduced me to the game in 2006.  I figured that if I was going to play my first MMO, it should be with someone I knew to help me figure this game out.  Soon after he suggested that I role my first toon on the Duskwood - US to play along with his friends, they all got up and left WoW a few months after I started playing.  I did not want to re-roll on another server at the time, so I stayed with Duskwood, where I have made many friends over the years and enjoyed many ups and downs with them.

I started my first year as a Protection Warrior from level 1-70 and into BC Heroic dungeons.  That's right, this noob leveled entirely as Prot before that spec could do any real damage.  So I spent months leveling slowly because I could not die, but could barely kill things either.  After running BC heroics for a few months, I realized that I just did not enjoy tanking, but I still wanted to be an important part of raiding teams, so I chose to roll Breja, a Troll Priest.  For the remainder of BC and through the release of the Ulduar Raid dungeon, I was healing as a Holy Priest for several guilds.

I got burnt out on healing, so I thought I would try this shadow form spec on the priest, and found that I loved it.  I wanted to have a a different toon for doing dps and keep Breja as a healer, so I rolled another priest with the Forsaken for its usefulness in PvP and the ability to cast Devouring Plague.  Of course, Blizzard would soon make DP a staple of all priests after I get my 2nd priest to level 80.

I had several friends who wanted to play on the alliance side, and for the first 4 years I played exclusively as Horde.  So I thought that I needed to level quickly, what should I level?  You guessed it, another Priest!  So by the end of the Wrath I had 3 level 80 Priests, 2 of which I was raiding with weekly.

I enjoyed seeing the lore on both the Horde and the Alliance.  I follow many WoW related blogs and podcasts, which I will share over time on this blog.  Each one has their own unique voice and often presents a viewpoint that peaks my interest in varying aspects of WoW.


In real life, I am a lucky husband and father of two wonderful boys.  I love sports and playing with my family.  Between work and family, I have a pretty busy life.  I really do not play other video games, so WoW is a large part of my leisure time.

To contact Breja, you can email:  brejapriest@charter.net

You can also follow me on twitter @brejapriest


I currently make my home with friends in the guild Forged In Blood on the Duskwood - US server.


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