Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday is Raid Night...

For years now, it seems that Wednesdays have become raid night in my guild.  Other days have always shifted, but Wednesdays seem to be a sure fire bet for raiding.  Currently my guild has 2 dedicated 10 man raiding teams.  We are currently trying to fill out a 3rd 10 man raid team.  If interested in looking at the 3rd team, check out the Forged in Blood website and drop the officers an application.  I am not an officer and I do not know what the needs are on the team, but it never hurts to promote it.

Guilds have varying opinions on how to tackle the current raid content, whether as a 25 man raid or several 10 man groups.  In my opinion, it depends on the size of the guild, the longevity of its existence, and the prevalent culture within the guild.  Overall, Forged in Blood is a casual raiding guild, which fits my life just fine.  Forged in Blood allows the raid leaders to develop their own raiding times and direction for progressing through content.  We have only started raiding within the last few weeks to allow everyone sufficient time to enjoy the expansion and the holiday season.

We definitely have the numbers to put together a 25 man raiding team, but with the nature of a casual raiding guild we do not have all 25 online at any given night for raiding.  The officers and the guildmaster met several times prior to the release of Cataclysm to decide on what we should do about raiding.  I am not privy to the details of the decision other than the fact that we decided to focus progression in 10 man teams.  I personally like 10 man teams mainly because of the feeling that its like having a small party to accomplish a common goal.  Its fun and personal.  Having 2 teams also opens up a healthy competition for boss kills between them.  We are fortunate in that we have a lot of friendships that developed in the guild which transcends the raiding teams.  I have raided with several people on all 3 teams and cheer for them to down bosses... after my team does of course, wink wink.

I am proud of our raid teams and the progress we have made in such a short amount of time.  In the first 2 weeks of raiding the guild only downed 2 bosses.  Last week became a breakout week for us as both teams combined to take down 6 bosses.  I look forward to what we can do this week because we have already taken down 4 bosses in 2 hours of raiding last night.  It seems we are starting to hit our stride in raiding again after taking months off from doing progression.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Time for me to chase some kids into pajamas, so I can make my raid on time....

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