Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesdays, Gold, and How I play WoW....

Life can be pretty hectic with family, work and life in general.  World of Warcraft is a living game in which there is no stop and save point.  Sure, the server will save you at where you last exited and all your gear plus statistics will still be there when you log back on, but the rest of the gaming community on you toon's server will continue to play when you are away. 

My approach to playing WoW is that I need to have a purpose in order to play, or I will be wasting my time.  Sure there are days where I have the time to waste doing random things, but most of the time I am limited in what I can do in game.  There are three main reasons that I log in to play: to raid, to make gold, or to do some sort of social activity with my guildmates and friends.Three nights a week are set aside to raid with my guild.  This allows me plenty of other free game time to do as I please.

I usually use free time after the children are in bed to do things with guildies, such as running random heroics or doing battlegrounds right now.  If I have a few minutes in the morning, I tend to spend this time making gold.  Early morning is good for buying materials at a lower rate in order to craft something for sale later in the day. 

When purchasing items from the AH, I tend to look at it through a time/cost analysis.  If I feel that the items that I am purchasing are cheaper than the time it would take to gather the items, I would tend to purchase it.  For example, this weekend I purchased over 120 stacks of Whiptail for 45 gold per stack.  This was a deal because I can turn this 5 min purchase of 7,000 gold in herbs into 15,000 gold plus through Alchemy and Inscription.  If I were to gather herbs with my gatherer, it would easily take me several hours to gather the same amount of Whiptail.  The time saved by purchasing cheaply valued herbs we immense, since now I had the time available to focus on other aspects I enjoy more from the game.

Thank you for checking in...

Time for me to get back to the raid before my raid leader has a fit....

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