Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello friends!  I am still around, but sometimes life just does not give you enough time.  My boys are in the middle of spring sports and that takes several hours away from free time for me.  Also, several unexpected RL issues have taken more of my time and energy away.  So any free time I have had has been playing rather than talking about it.  I plan to get everyone caught up with a few things I have been doing since my last post, eeeek, about a month ago.

First of all, I have eclipsed the 500K gold level weeks ago, but have slowed as I have not had the time to commit to it.  Another factor slowing my gold making down is that I have been spending at the AH like a drunken sailor.  All of this, I will go over in the next few days.  I want to thank Flux and Jokinee over at the Power Word Gold podcast for providing great information and entertainment that has kept me going in WoW these past few weeks.  If you have not heard from them before, you should check them out.  Its like listening to good friends chat about some of my favorite topics.

Anyways, onto the reason for this post today!  I want to congratulate my 10 man raid team for clearing our latest hurdle in defeating Cho'gall.  It has been a rough past few weeks getting the group back together and pushing on in progression, but we finally did it last night.  For the last few weeks, my oldest son has been taunting us as he watches us try to down this boss.  He morphed an old cheese joke, "What do you call cheese that isn't yours?  NACHO CHEESE!"  When I mention the next day that we still did not down him, he would ask me, "Dad, what do you call the boss that you can't down?   NACHO'GALL!"  Followed by a roar of laughter from both of my boys.  At least, their sense of humor kept things in perspective.  The best part... I told them that we downed Cho'gall last night, I got a big hug and grats from the boys.  :)

So, keep plugging away at whatever is keeping you down, because believe me, its all worth it in the end when you overcome that obstacle.

What obstacle is in your way currently?  What do you think you can do to get over it?  Who might be able to help?

Thanks for stopping by and seeing our latest conquest...

No its time to return some hugs and get my boys to bed.

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