Saturday, May 21, 2011

I accepted the Treasure Finding Challenge... I had fun losing!

Over on the Power Word Gold website, Flux issued a challenge to his readers for the "Treasure Potion Trash Dash."  To sum this challenge up, you drink a Potion of Treasure Finding and go kill as many Cataclysm level mobs as you can in 1 hour to loot them.  You can only count the vendor value of items looted in your totals for this challenge.  Gold looted from the mobs does not count, but the Tiny Treasure Chests that you loot as a result of drinking the potions do count.

So here are my results and compared to others who have weighed in on this challenge with upwards of 200 gold or more, I have lost this round.  I was able to gain 117 g 54 s and 11 c in this first hour.  I did this on Breja, my main as a shadow priest.  I decided to go to the Twighlight Highlands and fight Ogres and Ettins outside of the "Twighlight Gate" near the horde outpost of Crushblow.  As I was leveling, I had done a series of quests that phased these mobs into packs of 5-8 fighting with horde and alliance npcs.  I died once at the beginning due to my not realizing that multiple Ettins hit like trucks against a clothie :-).  So I basically went to the groups DOT'ed them up and burned them down individually.  This did not result in the most kills in the hour I may have been able to get, but against lvl 84-85 Ettins it helped me stay alive and reduced downtime through not stopping to drink water at all.

Below are the results of this run:

[Item] Quantity Vendor value each Total vendor value
[Roast Beef] 11 9 s 99 s
[Sparkling Oasis Water] 2 6 s 18c  12 s 36 c
[Scavenged Animal Parts] 17 17 s 44 c 2 g 96 s 48 c
[Ruined Embersilk Scraps] 26 15 s 30 c 3 g 97 s 80c
[Singed Shoulderpads] 1 1 g 79 s 44 c 1 g 79 s 44 c
[Melted Cleaver] 1 5 g 57 s 97 c 5 g 57 s 97 c
[Robble's Wobbly Staff] 1 5 g 17s 77c 5 g 17s 77c
[Clammy Mail Circlet] 1 1g 17s 42 c 1g 17s 42 c
[Dirt-Caked Gloves] 1 96s 96c  96s 96c 
[Bleached Plate Pants] 1 3 g 27 s 42 c 3 g 27 s 42 c
[Bluefen Cowl of the Eagle] 1 5 g 86 s 43 c 5 g 86 s 43 c
[Crystalvein Breastplate of the Earthfall] 1 12 g 51 s 57 c 12 g 51 s 57 c
[Highperch Helm of the Monkey] 1 7 g 86 s 84 c 7 g 86 s 84 c
[Mysral Shoulderpads of the Seer] 1 5 g 69 s 37 c 5 g 69 s 37 c
[Highperch Legguards of the Zephyr] 1 10 g 84 s 85 c 10 g 84 s 85 c
[Ravenholdt Waistband of the Monkey] 1 4 g 67s 79 c 4 g 67s 79 c
[Embersilk Cloth] - looted 270 75 c  2 g 2s 50 c
Tiny Treasure Chests 12 43 g 81 s 77 c 43 g 81 s 77 c
[Volatile Fire] 4 8 s 75 c 35 s 
[Volatile Air] 5 8 s 75 c 43 s 75 c
[Volatile Life] 4 8 s 75 c 35 s 
[Volatile Water] 1 8 s 75 c 8 s 75 c
[Volatile Earth] 8 8 s 75 c 70 s
[Pyrite Ore] 9 10 s  90 s
[Embersilk Cloth] - tiny treasure chest only 73 75 c  54 s 75 c
[Elementium Ore] 3 50 c  1 s 50 c

Total for 5/20/2011 Pot TF run 445
117 g 54 s 11 c

Here are a couple of things I have learned:

  1. Make sure you have empty bags before you do this run; I lost about 4 minutes due to having to empty my bags.  ( I was not expecting to get so much Embersilk Cloth.)
  2. Spend a few minutes researching the mobs you are about to face;  I would not have been taken by surprise with the Ettins had I thought about how hard they hit (at least the Potion of Treasure Finding persists through death, hehe)
  3. Find ways to keep up your mana, energy, rage, etc; this was easy for me to time disperse while looting and rotate Dark Archangel and shadowfiend, thus never stopped to drink.
  4. Find a place that will respawn mobs quickly; this spot I had included several groups of 5-8 mobs that constantly respawned as I moved across the area.
  5. HAVE FUN!  I put on some music and whipped through the area for that hour.  It was focused time and enjoyable to just take out some bad guys for a while.

Where do you think you might go to do this challenge by Flux?  What toon is your favorite for farming mobs?

Thanks for stopping by and go have fun challenging yourself today!

Time to get everyone together for my son's game, its almost playoff time for him!  We are excited around here...

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  1. Sounds like you had fun. I love switching off my brain and smashing things for an hour. If you want to give it another try you might try the Fractured Front in western Deepholm. Kill troggs that are attacking the golums.